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Twitch Viewer Bot – Do and Don’ts

READ Before Twitch Shuts You Down!

Twitch View BotIf you have been looking to grow your Twitch account in the last few months, chances are you have come across ads for purchasing Twitch Viewer Bots.  

The ads are flashy and promise you the ultimate list of Twitch followers, an increased rate of Twitch viewers, and ultimately more money than you could have ever imagined through streaming video games.  

When you see these ads, they seem too good to be true—because they are.

Although purchasing Twitch Viewer Bots seems like it might put you on the fast track to Twitch fame, it is ultimately full of consequences that could lead to your Twitch demise.  

If you purchase Twitch Viewer Bots and Twitch finds out you could be suspended from your account, or worse, shut down.

What is a Twitch Viewer Bot?

A Twitch bot is an extremely popular method for gaining Twitch followers and viewers to your Twitch feed.

Twitch bots were invented because of the extreme time commitment it takes to acquire Twitch viewers organically.  

If you are looking to gain viewers organically you will need to engage in conversation with your current viewers, create a community of people to support each other, and dedicate 5+ hours of your day to streaming your feed.  

With Twitch View bots, you don’t have to do any of that.

Best Twitch View Bot

Designed to be like regular followers and viewers, Twitch Bots engage in conversation, plant comments, and interact with other users on Twitch without you having to pay attention to every detail of the conversation or even having to engage yourself.  

You choose the specific manner and language your bot interacts in.

However, because the language is very methodical and almost impersonal, Twitch bots can be easily recognized by other viewers and followers of your feed.

There are two types of bots that are popular among Twitch enthusiasts.  

There are Twitch Follower Bots that are deployed to drastically increase the number of followers on your channel. The other type of bot is a viewer bot.  

Viewer bots are placed on your channel and dedicated to consistently viewing your feed and initiating interaction. 

Both types of Twitch bots can impact your feed and make it appear very successful.  

However, both of them are frowned upon by dedicated Twitch users and Twitch itself.

What is wrong with using a Twitch Viewer Bot?

Sure, when you look at it from the surface, Twitch Viewer Bots appear to be innocent enough.  

However, when you dive deep into the logistics of Twitch and Twitch users you will find they create a corrupt and unfair advantage that creates turmoil within the community.  

Free View Bot

Twitch Viewer Bots are not real people.  In fact, they aren’t people or even robots at all. 

Twitch View Bots are simply a method for inflating the viewer number and viewer interaction to make it appear as though a specific account is very popular.  

When you purchase a view bot to view your channel you are creating a false impression to other users.  

It’s kind of like committing fraud.  Other users see that you have a large number of followers, perceive your stream to be popular and of high quality, and therefore follow you.  

However, if you are using view bots to simulate your popularity you have just mislead a real viewer. 

And, when a viewer feels mislead they are likely to stop following your page because it appears untrustworthy.

Furthermore, bots have the tendency to continually attempt to engage in artificial conversation with other users which can be viewed as harassment.  

Again, not a wise choice for someone looking to gain Twitch followers/viewers.

What are the consequences of using a Twitch Viewer Bot?

On Twitch officially outlines that anyone caught using bots of any variety faces the potential of their Twitch account being suspended or shut down.  

The site also outlines that they deploy a variety of forces to combat bots and enforce consequences to those who are caught using them.

However, it is stated that each bot case is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and that there is no definite protocol for the decision of consequences.  

And, although that might sound like an invitation to try to sneak by the Twitch police, it is more of a warning that the consequences you receive could be worse than you imagined.

Twitch Channel Views Bots

The bottom line is, if you are interested in using bots as a Twitch follower acquisition method, you may want to think twice before dumping all of your resources into it.  

Although Twitch bots seem glamorous, they often mean bad news for the user and end up doing more harm than good. 

If I can’t use Twitch Bots, what can I use to gain Twitch followers?

Truly, there are reliable and legitimate ways to gain Twitch followers without using Twitch bots.  

And, although the methods might seem cumbersome, with the correct discipline they can prove to be very successful.  

If you are looking to gain Twitch followers without the use of Twitch Bots, you should consider acquiring them organically or purchasing them online.

Finding Free Twitch Followers

If you are looking to grow your Twitch community and gain Twitch followers without the use of Twitch Bots, one of the best ways to do so is by cultivating organic followers.  

One of the best methods for acquiring organic followers is through the creation of an online Twitch community. 

Those who have found success by growing an online Twitch community have done so by:

  • Finding other Twitch streamers to follow.
  • Recommending other Twitch streamers feeds.
  • Engaging regularly with their current Twitch followers.
  • Finding a Twitch niche.
  • Creating a dedicated Twitch streaming schedule.

Each of these different methods for creating a Twitch community has its own list of best practices.  

For example, when you are creating a dedicated Twitch streaming schedule you should set aside 3 hours per day, at a minimum, to focus on streaming.   

And, if you want to grow your followers by engaging with current followers on a regular basis, you want to be sure and develop a positive, well-constructed conversation.

Unfortunately, finding organic Twitch followers for free can be very time-consuming.  

It not only takes the time you set aside for streaming on Twitch but also the time you need to dedicate to your community and organizing your efforts.  

Furthermore, if you are like most Twitch users trying to grow an income it is likely that you have a full-time job and even a family life that does not allow you to dedicate that amount of time to growing your Twitch account.  

That’s where finding paid viewers comes in.

Purchasing Viewers Online

Instead of spending all of your time creating a schedule that will allow you to grow your followers on Twitch, you can simply purchase Twitch followers online.

Twitch followers are available on a variety of sites for a variety of prices.  

And, the best part about it, purchasing Twitch followers is not against Twitch rules as long as the followers you are purchasing are real people.

Trusted Twitch follower sites recruit and pay real people to follow and view your account on a regular basis.  

Once you purchase a viewer there are set parameters they have to follow.

Most purchased Twitch followers are required to view a specific Twitch account for a certain amount of time per day and follow the account for a set amount of time.

If any of the purchased Twitch followers unfollow their required account inside of the guaranteed timeframe, it is likely the company you purchased them from will either reimburse you or provide you with a new follower to take their place.

What is the best place to buy Twitch followers?

One of the best sites to use if you are looking to buy Twitch followers is  This diverse site allows you to sponsor players to view your stream.  

The way it works is that you sign up for the site and submit a small fee that will cover the cost of paying for users to log-in and follow/view your Twitch account.  

Sponsored users are paid by the amount of time they watch a channel and which channels they are watching.

Many users looking for new followers like to use because they know it is a legitimate site that pays legitimate people to follow them.  

Some of the benefits users of have experienced include an increased number of engaged viewers, more organic follows and the quick growth of their channel.

When you buy Twitch followers, as mentioned above, it is likely that you will get more Twitch followers than you paid for from the site.  

That is because when an account appears to be popular, it is more attractive to users who are looking for pages to follow. And, attractive pages get new followers first.  

The Bottom Line: Don’t Use Twitch Viewer Bots, Purchase Your Twitch Viewers on

If you truly are trying to grow your Twitch account into an opportunity that can earn you an income you should be very diligent about avoiding Twitch Viewer Bots.  

These automated robots are not worth the risk they bring to you and your Twitch career.

Furthermore, they are only a temporary fix to what requires a long-term solution.  

When you focus on creating a Twitch following and viewer base that is actually invested in your work and your talents, it is highly likely you will experience larger and much more prolonged success on the site.  

So, stop grasping at methods that don’t work and visit today.  

From there you will be able to boost your Twitch career with a one-time purchase of a follower group, or you will be able to exponentially grow your Twitch career by creating a method of purchasing followers and converting them to loyal viewers that will benefit you for a lifetime.  

No matter which method you choose, we are certain you will experience success when you partner with

Can twitch streamers see who views?2018-10-09T21:45:05+00:00

When you view your Twitch stream live, you can monitor in real time who is viewing your stream. However, doing so is not recommended as it distracts from the game and can cause you to lose viewers.

If you are interested in seeing who is viewing your stream or analyzing your list of viewers, you can always look at your chat after the stream to see who popped in and out or participated in the chat.

Can you buy twitch viewers?2018-10-09T21:43:52+00:00

Yes! You can most certainly buy Twitch viewers! In fact, buying Twitch viewers is considered one of the most popular methods of growing your Twitch following.

Online there are multiple sites that offer Twitch viewers at a wide range of prices. But, one of the best sites for buying Twitch viewers is


Who has most twitch views?2018-10-09T21:42:49+00:00

It might come as no surprise to you, but the Twitch streamer with the most views is known for playing Fortnite. Tyler Blevins, the individual with the most Twitch Views, has over 6 million followers.

The Twitch superstar streams for over 12 hours per day and considers streaming his full-time job. Furthermore, Blevins brings home upwards of 60k per month playing the video game.


What are twitch views?2018-10-09T21:41:41+00:00

The number of Twitch Views displayed on your channel represents the number of unique visitors your channel had throughout the day.

You see, a Twitch Live View count could include repeat visitors whereas Twitch views do not.

If you are looking to analyze whether or not you are drawing in new visitors to your channel, the number of Twitch Views you are getting is a good place to start!

What are twitch channel views?2018-10-09T21:38:56+00:00

Twitch Channel Views are similar to Twitch Live Views, but they count the number of Twitch users who visited your channel throughout the day.

Just because someone is counted in your Twitch Channel Views does not mean you have acquired a new follower or even a new loyal viewer. A Twitch Channel View simply means someone stopped by to check out your account.

How are twitch views counted?2018-10-09T21:35:47+00:00

There are two different ways Twitch viewers are counted. One is the Viewer count and the other is the Viewer List. Viewer count is the number of other Twitch users who are actively viewing your channel at any given time.

In order to be counted as a twitch viewer, they must be watching your Twitch channel at the moment. As soon as someone disconnects from your channel, they are no longer counted as a viewer.

The viewer list is the list of Twitch users who have at some point or another been connected to your chat. The viewer list is more comprehensive than the viewer count.


How to get free twitch views?2018-10-09T21:27:12+00:00

If you want to gain a large number of Twitch followers in a short amount of time it is going to take a lot of dedication and a lot of time.

In order to gain twitch followers for free, you will need to spend time watching other users accounts, engaging in conversations with other users, engaging in conversation with the current followers on your account, and setting up a system of referrals with other users who have the same goal as you.

In short, gaining Twitch followers for free can practically be a full-time job.

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