Handling Fake Engagement and Viewership Botting on Twitch

Gaming for many is an obsession and what better way to earn substantial amounts while indulging this passion than being on Twitch.

Twitch is a platform for streaming games with viewers to the site watching them. The dice are loaded in favor of the streamers for making money and not the viewers. Apart from individual streamers, video game publishers and media outlets have a channel on call to promote their games.

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The reason why you can make money on Twitch is the wide reach and the large audience that you can get once you are established on the platform. Twitch today accounts for almost 43% of the worldwide Internet gaming traffic with about 147.5 million daily views and 4 million monthly broadcasts. Hence, if you have hundreds of followers watching your games and constantly focus on increasing the numbers, companies and various organizations would find it very lucrative to promote their products on your channel while paying you for the sponsorship.

How do you increase Twitch followers?

One is capturing viewers organically over the years through your gaming skills and interacting closely with them. As word spreads about your channel and its worth, more followers will come on board. But then, this is a very time-consuming and tedious process and may take years before you start earning enough to make the time spent on Twitch worth the effort.

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The second method is to buy Twitch followers from sites that specialize in providing genuine viewers. At a stroke, you can increase your followers many times over. Buying a hundred at a time will not severely dent your bank balance. There is a catch here though. Many websites provide Twitch follower bot free. Here, bots crawl your channel and increase the followers but this is fake engagement. This easy way out to show increased followers to your sponsors is banned on Twitch and your account may even get suspended on the platform if you take this route.

What are fake engagement and view-botting?

When channel statistics like followers and viewers are artificially inflated through third-party tools, it is called fake engagement. This is usually done with the help of a Twitch follower bot free to create duplicitous or incidental views and follows. Such activity is also known as view-botting which is the behavior of increasing exponentially live view count using illegitimate tools and scripts. It makes the channel look like it has more concurrent viewers than it does. View-botting is done through bots, the use of which is not allowed on Twitch.

What is follow-botting?

The scenario where a channel is followed by large numbers of fake accounts is known as follow-botting. Twitch follower bot free, a computer, or a script control target such channels and will try to make the following look as real as possible. If you are a victim of follow-botting, you will notice that the number of followers falls from time to time. This is because fake followers are created and detected in batches and a sudden dip is noticed when these batches are removed.

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Why is botting bad and should be avoided?

Those who indulge in artificial engagement through Twitch follower bot free are not only limiting the growth opportunities of legitimate broadcasters but also damaging the reputation of the community of Twitch followers. In such cases, fake viewers do not contribute towards developing a dedicated and highly engaged Twitch community and inhibit the establishment of a lucrative career in game broadcasting on Twitch. Remember, artificial inflation of channel statistics and fake engagement are violations of Twitch policies and will lead to enforcement issued on your account and even indefinite suspension.

What should you do when view-botted?

Robot viewers are not uncommon on Twitch. Occasionally, rival streamers or trolls intentionally view-bot you so that you either stop streaming or your channel gets banned. The Twitch follower bot free can be rented from certain online services. Some bot packages provide fake viewers for some time while others will message or chat with you. While streamers often temporarily buy this service, others have found that malicious users often bot individual channels out of plain spite.

So, if you have found that you have been botted, it is essential that you quickly take the following steps.

  • • Report the matter immediately if you are aware of who has botted you.
  • • Be calm, and do not panic. Take screenshots as proof of been botted and submit them to the channel.
  • • Inform your real viewers that you have been botted and that you are taking the necessary steps to deal with it.
  • • Contact Twitch support and report the incident along with the date and time of occurrence.
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Many streamers stop broadcasting as soon as they realize that they have been botted. You can too if you are comfortable with it. Do not simply disappear from the channel but inform your viewers why you are taking a short temporary break. However, Twitch does not penalize streamers for something that is not their fault. Be honest and upfront with Twitch and your viewers and the issue should soon be resolved.

How do you disable bots on your channel?

There are a few techniques to follow to disable bots released on your channel.

  • • On your dashboard, change status from Playing to Not Playing. If the person who has launched the bot is watching, they will move on after the directory is altered. Removing the listing aspect will render the bots useless as the purpose of the bots is to make a channel rank higher in the listings. Even a temporary change will do you good. When this happens, the viewer will either disable the bot or find another streamer. Link up with Twitch a few minutes later.
  • • Restart your stream after informing your viewers that you are doing so to remove the Twitch follower bot free and that you will return in five minutes. In most cases, the view-bot will be removed once the stream ends.
  • • When the bots are repeatedly spamming the same messages to you, ban those words or whole messages quickly from your channel. The person botting will then move on to a more pliable target.
  • • Provided you are not hit by too many bots, get your moderators to help ban the bots from your channel. This will immediately bring your viewer count back to normal levels and you will not have to worry about spam messages.

How to know you have been view-botted?

One of the commonest signs that you have been view-botted is that you suddenly get hundreds and even thousands of followers without doing anything out-of-the-ordinary while streaming. Also, these viewers will not chat with you much other than to make a few generic comments like “nice stream”. Sometimes they will also insert links in your chat that could lead to malicious sites or viruses.

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These are some of the ways to handle fake engagement and viewership botting on Twitch.

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