Top Twitch streamers get followers, adding to views, followers and subscribers so they can stream full-time. Here is some of the best advice for getting Twitch followers free.


  1. Stream with a famous person from a different genre.

    If you happen to have friends in high places, find someone who has more fame than you do and schedule a stream. Top Twitch streamer with close to 16M subscriber, Ninja has built his dream life doing what he does best: streaming. Ninja’s big break came when he streamed with rapper Drake in March 2018. Drake was gaining in popularity at the same time, so the Ninja-Drake stream was a hot ticket gaining more than 635K viewers.

  2. Play with partners.

    When you choose partners, find people who have your same thirst, skill, and passion for the game or those who are better than you. Tfue partnered with Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore on his road to becoming the #2 streamer on Twitch globally with an income estimated over $20M monthly on subs, ads, donations, and sponsorships. He partnered up and wins. Plus partnering up can get you into trouble. Drama attracts followers, too.

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    Twitch streamers Tfue (far left) and Cloakzy (far right) partnered up and won big money.

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  4. Learn from the best.


    Pokimane shares her top five secrets for gaining viewers & followers on Twitch!

    In her video “Pokimane’s Top 5 Tips for Small Streamers,” the top female streamer in the world with more than 5.5M followers shares her best bets for adding subscribers and viewers.  The video opens on her talking with her cat Mimi (HILARIOUS). Here’s her top 5 tips!  #1: Interactivity is key (talk about what you’re doing and chat with your people) #2: You grow on Twitch for reasons outside of Twitch. Pokimane started with a Tumbler blog (and suggests Instagram, subreddit, twitter, etc.) #3: The Door (a metaphor). Content is king. Think of your channel as a door. Is the content in the room worth staying for?  #4: Figure out your branding. It’s good to be different and stand out. #5: WyWys. Would you watch your stream? This is a great question. Make sure your stream is something you yourself would view!

  5. Celebrate each win.

    When you hit a milestone, make it a big deal. Hit 100, hit 1000, hit 2000, whatever your milestones are, make it a thing. This gets your fans and followers super excited to be part of something bigger than themselves. Myth (top Twitch streamer with 4M+ followers) shows hitting 4M Twitch followers with a celebratory water drenching!


    Top streamer Myth shows what it is like to celebrate victory & milestones with your followers!


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  7. Stream often and on a schedule.

    For TimtheTatman, a top Twitch streamer, this translates to streaming six days a week! He schedules his gaming from Mondays to Thursdays in the mornings and evenings. Saturdays he plays longer. When you stream often and on a schedule, your followers can tune in knowing that you’ll be there. It’s kind of like watching your favorite soap opera — for anyone who still does that. It’s easier if it plays at the same time every day. Imagine if you said “watch my next episode where you find out what happens next. It’s coming soon, some day, at some time, when I feel like it.” That doesn’t work compared to “tune in every day at 3pm” or “tune in on Mondays through Thursdays from 6pm to 9pm Eastern.” It doesn’t matter when you stream as much as your consistency!


    TimtheTatman says play consistently, let people know your schedule to attract more viewers on Twitch!

  8. Fail epically. 

    For Summit1G (Jaryd Lazar), building community on Twitch is a full-time gig that carries big rewards. Summit1G was the number 1 most followed streamer in 2017, before Ninja took over. One of his secrets for gaining followers on Twitch seems to be creating epic fails and escaping from them. Failing and then succeeding again is a great way to gain fans and appreciation. Who doesn’t fail?!


    Summit1G masters the fail and then the bigger wins.

  9. Don’t give up.

    Just like running a marathon, the reward shows up after the 26th mile. Don’t quit when success is right around the corner. Top Twitch streamer Daequan shows how it is done by switching up games and staying in the mix. He is into Fortnite now but has crushed it on Destiny 1Pvp, Gunz, Black Desert Online among others. He built his fame on Twitch but also streams on YouTube under his real name, Daequan Loco. He doesn’t give up.


    Daequan doesn’t give up.

In Conclusion

When it comes to getting Twitch followers free, these top streamers show how they made it to the top. A few years back they were just like most Twitch streamers — just starting out, just getting to know their own strengths and weaknesses. When you’re stuck go out and friend another Twitch streamer, comment and interact with them so you can become friends and earn a follow-back.

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