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How to Buy Twitch Views? Most Trusted Option


How to buy Twitch views? It’s a prevailing question among new Twitch streamers. Gamers from all over the globe are flocking to Twitch.tv thanks to the fact that they can now earn from home by doing what they love to do.



However, earning from Twitch may be straight forward but it is not as easy as it sounds and takes a great deal of effort and patience to gradually build up your channel by gaining followers and viewers simultaneously

Many users want to earn big money from Twitch but do not have the time or dedication to persevere. Such users often look for a quick way to earn followers and viewer

How can I buy Twitch Views?

Success, and subsequently money, in the Twitch universe is determined mainly by two factors- followers and views. A channel is said to be successful on Twitch when it has a large number of dedicated followers and a high average daily views.

More Twitch viewers lead to success.

While your video content and online persona is going to determine the attractiveness of your channel, it is the number of followers and viewers on your channel which is going to affect your income from the platform.

While many channels have a large following, most of the time they lack viewers due to their streaming time or quality or other factors.

Often users resort to View Bots to get quick views but bots are deemed illegal by the platform and are banned on Twitch.

Do not use Bots whatsoever.

Instead you can legally buy Views or Followers from trusted sites such as TwitchFollowers, where you can also make money on Twitch.


Twitch Followers – The Site to Visit

It all begins with visiting TwitchFollowers.com. Follow the steps below after visiting the site.

Step 1) Log in as a streamer via your Twitch username and password. If you do not have an account already then it is time you sign up.



Step 2) Give Twitch Followers authorization.



Step 3) After logging in, you will see your account homepage. On the left side you will find a navigation pane.

Step 4) Click ‘Viewer Dashboard’ on the navigation pane and it will take you to a new page showing your current credit amount, value and also the credits needed to reach the required credit score.



The site requires users to reach a set minimum of 20,000 credits, equivalent to $20, before requesting payment (Yes, you can earn here as well). The threshold value has been set so as to deter fraudulent activities and verify the earnings of different accounts.

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Credits can be bought from the site as well as earned for free.

To earn credits for free, log in from the TwitchFollowers homepage as an earner.

Once logged in you will need to either follow or view other channels on Twitch to earn credits and increase your credit value.

You can earn 25 to 50 credits or even more by following fellow Twitch users. To do so:

1. Click on ‘Sponsored Follows’ on the navigation pane.

2. Then you will find different channels which you can follow by clicking the follow button below the channel.

3. Other useful information is also listed below the channel name and you can also see how much credit you earn by following a particular channel.



You can earn 50 credits or more by viewing channels for a certain period of time or more. To view these channels you need to:

1. Click on ‘Sponsored Views’ on the left pane.

2. Next you will see a list of various channels for you to view.

3. Be sure to choose channels that you find interesting and follow or view them to earn credits!



Buy Twitch Followers

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Buy Twitch Credits

If you are in a hurry to get Twitch affiliated and need followers or viewers immediately, you can always buy credits from the credit store.


Click ‘Buy Credits’ on the navigation pane and it will take you to the credit store page where the various credits are listed.

Note: PayPal is currently the only accepted method of payment.

There are two categories of credits.

One is for beginners and casual users while the other is for professional and avid gamers.

1. Gamer Credits

Starts at as little as $10 and ends at $75.

Generally, you will get 20 followers or viewers for every $1 you spend.

Thus for $10 you will get 200 followers or viewers and for $75 you can get 1500 followers or viewers.

2. Mega Gamer Credits

Starts at double the maximum price of the Gamer Credits, that is $150 and goes as high $1000.

$150 will get you 3000 followers or viewers and if you are capable of spending $1000 then you get a whooping 20,000 followers or viewers to your Twitch channel.

Your ultimate goal, whether you are earning credits or buying them, is to reach the threshold value of 20,000 credits.

Once you have 20,000 credits you can use it to get followers and viewers or trade it in for cash and use the money to buy more credits.

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You’re gonna love how easy we make it to get viewers and build your Twitch following even if you are a beginner.

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Create View Sponsorship

If you want other Twitch users to view your channel then you need to pay them with the credits you have earned or bought.

To invite users to view your channel you need to create a view sponsorship with the following steps:

1. Click ‘Buy Channel Views’ on the navigation pane.

2. A window pops up where you can set the pay rate and the number of views required. The minimum credits you need to pay per channel view are 40 and you have to request at least 10 channel views.

3. Your available credit is displayed at the top of the window for convenience.



4. Set the number of views as per your requirement and you can also increase the pay rate to attract more viewers.

5. The total credit needed to create the view sponsorship will show below in a green box.

6. Once you are satisfied then click ‘Create View Sponsorship Now’ at the bottom of the window.

Members of the community will start to view your channel once the sponsorship has been created and you can follow the stats on the ‘My Sponsorship’ page.

Remember to visit your dashboard to know your available credits.

Similar to purchasing viewers, you can also buy Twitch Followers. Follow the link for details.

Make Money on Twitch

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