Top 20 Twitch Streamers Who Make Money on Twitch

Here's our list of the top 20 Twitch Streamers who Make Money on Twitch. Twitch is one of the most popular live video streaming portals boasting an average of 15 million daily active users and an estimated 2 million broadcasters per month. Statistics show that viewers have watched an astounding 255 billion minutes of video streaming in 2017. The platform is owned by Twitch Interactive-a subsidiary of Amazon. Since Amazon bought the live streaming platform back in 2011, it saw an overwhelming surge in popularity and is currently giving YouTube Gaming a run for its money. The videos on Twitch [...]

Twitch Viewer Bot – Exposed

Twitch Viewer Bot - Do and Don'tsREAD Before Twitch Shuts You Down!If you have been looking to grow your Twitch account in the last few months, chances are you have come across ads for purchasing Twitch Viewer Bots.  The ads are flashy and promise you the ultimate list of Twitch followers, an increased rate of Twitch viewers, and ultimately more money than you could have ever imagined through streaming video games.  When you see these ads, they seem too good to be true---because they are.Although purchasing Twitch Viewer Bots seems like it might put you on the fast track to [...]

5 Ways To Get Twitch Viewers For Free

5 Ways To Get Twitch Viewers For Free If you want to make money on Twitch, chances are it’s not going to happen overnight.   Because in order to make money on Twitch you have to grow the numbers of viewers you have on your channel.   Viewers on Twitch translates to the number of users watching your channel at any given time during your feed.   Although viewers might seem synonymous with followers, they are not.  In fact, a stream can have thousands upon thousands of Twitch followers yet only attract between 30-50 viewers per stream.   Unfortunately, those [...]

How To Make Money On Twitch | 13 Ways to Make Money (2018 Update)

How to Make Money On Twitch - 13 Ways To Start Making Money Everyone knows that you can make insane amounts of money by streaming your video game feed online through twitch.What most people don’t know is exactly how much money they can make, or exactly how to make it.  Today, we have those answers for you.In order to start making money on Twitch, you have to be a Twitch Affiliate. Twitch affiliation is offered to individual Twitch users who have shown they are dedicated to using their account and have a growing number of followers. Offered directly by Twitch, affiliation [...]

Twitch Followers | 3 Easy Ways To Get Followers – 2018 Update

How to get Twitch Followers for FreeHere's our Pros and Cons of Buying, Using Bots and Getting Twitch Followers for Free. Twitch is an online streaming platform that has taken the internet by storm.  Gamers, public speakers, singers, and other entertainers use Twitch to display their talents for the world. When Twitch users find a talent they enjoy on the platform, they decide to follow them.  As a user gains followers they become more likely to make an income on the platform.  And, for some users, the income they make on Twitch is life changing.Because so many people are making a [...]